An archive for movement

How can we collect and preserve the human movement?

Anyone who studies the archives of mankind sees a one-sided image of humanity; an image that is focused on measurability and control. We reduce mankind to comparable data, to categorizable differences, in order to be able to optimize control over our fate. But is this how we want to be remembered? As strings of data, feeding self-sustaining algorithms?

Choreograph Katja Heitmann (DE, 1987) wants to write a different history. She wants to create an archive in which the most essential, paradoxical and elusive core of mankind is preserved. An attempt to archive the impossible: an archive of movement.

A repository for movement requires an active institute that literally moves for and through people. In such an institution a new form of historiography takes place: not a logical-rational but an embodied historiography.

In the period 2021-2024 Katja Heitmann creates an archive for the movement that is inevitably becoming extinct: Motus Mori Institute. This institute focuses on the collection, preservation, display and transfer of movement-heritage.

Institute Motus Mori is a place for process. Every development is shared with the audience in public manifestations. This institute literally ‘moves’; in the years to come, it will be located in various cities, presenting the process of archiving in small and large exhibitons of 10 to 30 days.

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