Movement interviews

Our movement-archive can only emerge if enough people donate their personal movement.

How does this work? We’ll, first of all, you do not need to dance! We are looking for everyday’s human movement. And then especially the way yóu move in everyday situations.

Our dancers will have a ‘physical talk’ with you. We call this a ‘movement-interview’. In this interview the dancer will ask you questions, but will also observe the way you stand, move, go from one position to another, your personal gestures…

Based on these observations the dancer will make a ‘kinetic portrait’ of you. This is an abstract of who you are, so sometimes this means we just embody one gesture, if this is the most typical for you. This portrait is archived and will be on display during the movement-exhibitions.

So you can ‘find yourself’ in the exhibition, together with many other portraits from your city. From this moment on your movement is part of our ever growing archive of ‘movements that become extinct’.

“Museum Motus Mori is a kinetic portrait of all of us. The way this comes to form, via the body instead of via the mind, is more effective, more direct and more touching than any video, photo or text will ever be.”

Edo Dijksterhuis: Museumtijdschrift

Would you like to donate your movement to the Motus Mori archive? You can! Please send us an email on

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